Sam Ferguson

Sam Ferguson

Sam Ferguson is an attorney in Berkeley, California and the principal of Ferguson Law PC. He previously served as a law clerk to the Honorable Judge William Fletcher on the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. He was a visiting fellow at Yale Law School’s Orville H. Schell Jr. Center for International Human Rights, as well as a Fulbright fellow in Argentina. His articles on Argentina’s Dirty War have appeared in The New Republic, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Boston Review


The Disappeared: Remnants of a Dirty War by Sam Ferguson

The Disappeared by Sam Ferguson

The Disappeared | Remnants of a Dirty War by Sam Ferguson chronicles the genocide in Argentina and the way the country has handled its recovery. Using a recent human rights trial as his lens, Sam Ferguson addresses two central questions of our age: How is mass atrocity possible, and What should be done in its wake?