Target Tehran by Yonah Jeremy Bob and Ilan Evyatar

In Target Tehran, Authors Yonah Bob and Ilan Evyatar describe how Israel has used cyberwarfare, targeted assassinations, and sabotage of Iranian facilities to great effect, sometimes in cooperation with the United States. The remarkable story of how Israel used sabotage, assassination, cyberwar—and diplomacy—to thwart Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and, in the process, reshaped the Middle East.

Searching for Peace by Ehud Olmert

Searching for Peace | A Memoir of Israel by Ehud Olmert is the compelling memoir of former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert who almost made peace with the Palestinians. The book offers a riveting political story and an unparalleled window into Israeli history, peacemaking, politics, U.S.-Israel relations, and the future of the Middle East. Olmert wrote the book almost entirely from inside a prison cell after being convicted of bribery charges in 2014.

A Raid on the Red Sea by Amos Gilboa

A Raid on the Red Sea | The Israeli Capture of the Karine A by Amos Gilboa is the thrilling, real-life tale of illegal gun-running in the Middle East. In this firsthand account, Amos Gilboa gives the harrowing details of the secret close-working relations between Israeli and American intelligence in the seizure of the Karine A ship, the most successful Israeli intelligence operation since the legendary Entebbe hostage rescue.

Shadow Strike by Yaakov Katz

Shadow Strike | Inside Israel’s Secret Mission to Eliminate Syrian Nuclear Power by Yaakov Katz dives into the covert Israeli mission to stop Syria from gaining nuclear power. The book tells the story of the espionage, political courage, military might and psychological warfare behind Israel’s daring operation to stop one of the greatest known acts of nuclear proliferation.

Hearts and Minds by Nachman Shai

Hearts and Minds | Israel and the Battle for Public Opinion by Nachman Shai looks into the political and economic platforms of Israel and how they are being played on the world’s stage. The author examines how Israel deliberated its response in an environment where the state is only one of the players in a global arena.

In Defense of Israel by Moshe Arens

In Defense of Israel | A Memoir of a Political Life by Moshe Arens is his memoir recounting his political battles in the Israel. It is a revealing memoir of one of Israeli’s most respected statesmen, as Moshe Arens was one of the last surviving members of the founding generation of Israelis. He was a political insider who has worked with every Israeli prime minister from Menachem Begin to Benjamin Netanyahu, serving in a variety of important positions, including foreign minister and defense minister.