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When Washington Burned by Robert P. Watson

When Washington Burned | The British Invasion of the Capital and a Nation’s Rise from the Ashes by Robert P. Watson looks deeper into the dark day in American history when the country’s capital fell to the British. The book narrates and examines the British campaign and American missteps that led to the fall of Washington during the War of 1812.

Into the Amazon by Larry Rohter

Into the Amazon | The Life of Cândido Rondon, Trailblazing Explorer, Scientist, Statesman, and Conservationist by Larry Rohter tells the story of acclaimed Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon. A thrilling biography of the Indigenous Brazilian explorer, scientist, stateseman, and conservationist who guided Theodore Roosevelt on his journey down the River of Doubt.

Deadly Quiet City by Murong Xuecun

Deadly Quiet City | True Stories from Wuhan by Murong Xuecun follows the author’s time in Wuhan, China at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the tradition of Dan Baum’s bestselling Nine Lives, Deadly Quiet City focuses on the remarkable stories of eight people in Wuhan.

The Peking Express by James M. Zimmerman

The Peking Express | The Bandits Who Stole a Train, Stunned the West, and Broke the Republic of China by James M. Zimmerman examines the high-stakes capture of the Peking Express. The book is the incredible, long-forgotten story of a hostage crisis that shocked China and the West. It vividly captures the events that made international headlines.

The Oswalds by Paul R. Gregory

The Oswalds | An Untold Account of Marina and Lee by Paul R. Gregory recounts the friendship that the author had, sixty years ago, with Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife, Marina, prior to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  As a scholar and skilled researcher, Gregory debunks the vast array of assassination conspiracy theories by demonstrating that Lee Harvey Oswald did it and did it alone—that the Oswald he once called a friend had the motive, the intelligence, and the means to commit one of the most shocking crimes in American history.

The Fractured Himalaya by Nirupama Rao

The Fractured Himalaya | India Tibet China 1949-1962 by Nirupama Rao explores the dynamics between modern-day India and China during their early development period. The book looks at the inflection points when the trajectory of diplomacy between these two nations could have course-corrected but did not.

Red Roulette by Desmond Shum

Red Roulette | An Insider’s Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today’s China by Desmond Shum. This vivid, explosive memoir shows “how the Chinese government keeps business in line—and what happens when businesspeople overstep” (The New York Times).

Common Stocks and Common Sense by Edgar Wachenheim III

Common Stocks and Common Sense | The Strategies, Analyses, Decisions, and Emotions of a Particularly Successful Value Investor by Edgar Wachenheim III explores successful strategies of investment through several case studies. Each case uncovers unique insights into the technical and human elements that go into any profitable investment transaction.