Charles Hanley

Charles J. Hanley
Charles J. Hanley has reported from some 100 countries in his four-decade career at the Associated Press. His reporting on the No Gun Ri massacre of South Korean refugees in the hands of the U.S. military won him a Pulitzer Prize and Polk Award among other honors, and yielded his 2001 book, The Bridge at No Gun Ri. An expert on the Korean War, he regularly lectures and contributes scholarship on the conflict in academic journals. He lives in New York City.


Ghost Flames by Charles J. Hanley

Ghost Flames by Charles Hanley

Ghost Flames | Life and Death in a Hidden War, Korea 1950-1953 by Charles J. Hanley provides eyewitness accounts of the Korean War from the individuals who experienced it firsthand. A powerful, character-driven narrative of the Korean War from the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who helped uncover some of its longest-held and darkest secrets. The war that broke out in Korea on a Sunday morning seventy years ago has come to be recognized as a critical turning point in modern history — as the first great clash of arms of the Cold War.