Wuhan: Dokumentarroman by Liao Yiwu (published in German)

Wuhan: Dokumentarroman
Liao Yiwu

Wuhan: Dokumentarroman by Liao Yiwu is a fascinating novel which delves into what really happened in Wuhan.

Wuhan:  The Documentary Novel

We must fight back home with our souls. –  Liao Yiwu

Right after the outbreak of the Corona virus, citizen journalist Li travels to the epicenter of the disaster. “Because he’s not afraid of ghosts,” according to the job advertisement, he finds a job in the crematorium. He quickly realizes that the official number of victims is not correct. But the brief moment in which he believes he can tell the truth passes overnight: he is discovered, followed and documented live on the Internet as he is brutally arrested. In this shockingly timely documentary novel, Wuhan, Liao Yiwu takes us to the heart of the unsolved questions and tells the fascinating investigation into the background of a massive cover-up. Where did the virus come from and what happened in Wuhan? Protocols disappear and new lies cement the story of the party’s heroic victory – propaganda that poisons people like the virus.

Liao Yiwu is probably the most versatile chronicler of contemporary China. – The Daily Mirror

Liao Yiwu (Chinese: 廖亦武) is a Chinese author, reporter, musician, and poet from Sichuan, China. He is the author of The Corpse Walker, God Is Red, and For a Song and a Hundred Songs, a memoir of the four years he spent in prison after the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Liao escaped from China in July 2011 and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious 2012 Peace Prize awarded by the German Book Trade and the Disturbing the Peace Award given by the Václav Havel Library Foundation.

His books, several of which are collections of interviews with ordinary people from the lower rungs of Chinese society, were published in Taiwan and Hong Kong but are banned in mainland China. His books have been translated into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Czech.

  • ISBN:  9783103971057
  • February 1, 2022

Published by:  S. Fischer Verlage

Wuhan is also pubished in Italy and Taiwan.