For the Love of Wine by Alice Feiring

For the Love of Wine | My Odyssey through the World’s Most Ancient Wine Culture by Alice Feiring is a journey of exploration and delight in the country of Georgia. From Tbilisi to Batumi, Feiring meets winemakers, bishops, farmers, artists, and silk spinners. She feasts, toasts, and collects recipes. She encounters the thriving qvevri craftspeople of the countryside, wild grape hunters, and even Stalin’s last winemaker while plumbing the depths of this tiny country’s love for its wines.

Salad Love by David Bez

David Bez is the author of Salad Love, a book and Salad Pride, a blog followed by salad fans all over the world. David is not a chef, he is an art director and a food lover with a limited lunch break; an Italian who cares about what’s on his plate; a designer who knows that you eat with your eyes first. His blog chronicles his personal challenge to make one new salad a day for an entire year. He has been featured in Stylist, Emerald Street,The Huffington Post, The Times, and others.