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I Have No Enemies by Perry Link and Wu Dazhi

Forthcoming in June, 2023 ~ I Have No Enemies | The Life and Legacy of Liu Xiaobo by Perry Link and Wu Dazhi is a fascinating biography of Liu, a Chinese political and human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. A powerful record of Liu’s life and times, this book also tells the story of a generation of Chinese intellectuals who sought a better way forward.

Murder in Manchuria by Scott D. Seligman

Forthcoming in October 2023
Murder in Manchuria | The True Story of a Jewish Virtuoso, Russian Fascists, a French Diplomat, and a Japanese Spy in Occupied China by Scott D. Seligman, a real-life murder mystery set in China. Part cold-case thriller and part social history, the true, tragic saga of Semyon Kaspé is told in the context of the larger, improbable story of the lives of the twenty thousand Jews who called Harbin home at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Into Siberia by Gregory Wallance

Forthcoming in December 2023
Into Siberia | George Kennen’s Epic Journey Through the Brutal, Frozen Heart of Russia by Gregory Wallance details the story of George Kennan’s discovery of the plight of exiles in Russia. This book that ranks with the greatest adventure stories, is a thrilling work of history about one man’s harrowing journey and the light it shone on some of history’s most heinous human rights abuses.

Thinking Critically in College by Louis E. Newman

Thinking Critically in College | The Essential Handbook for Student Success by Louis E. Newman is an important and helpful guide for any college student.  Professors expect students not just to absorb material, but to analyze and synthesize it, to consider multiple perspectives, to evaluate conflicting evidence, and then to apply what they’ve learned in new contexts. Newman explains how to do all this and more.

The Disappeared by Sam Ferguson

Forthcoming in July 2023
The Disappeared | Remnants of a Dirty War by Sam Ferguson chronicles the genocide in Argentina and the way the country has handled its recovery. Using a recent human rights trial as his lens, Sam Ferguson addresses two central questions of our age: How is mass atrocity possible, and What should be done in its wake?

Wilderness Tales edited by Diana Fuss

Wilderness Tales | Forty Stories Of The North American Wild edited by Diana Fuss is a compilation of short stories, all rich with details of the wilderness in North America. Fuss has gathered a dazzling collection of timeless classics and contemporary discoveries summoning up our close and imagined encounters with all things wild.

Victims of the Cultural Revolution by Wang Youqin

Victims of the Cultural Revolution | Testimonies of China’s Tragedy by Wang Youqin details with individual accounts, the horror the of the Cultural Revolution against the citizens of China.  Documenting the deaths of over six hundred individuals, Victims of the Cultural Revolution calls on us to remember the evil ideological fanaticism wreaks and pays tribute to all those who suffered.

The Retirement Challenge by Martin Neil Baily and Benjamin H. Harris

The Retirement Challenge | What’s Wrong with America’s System and A Sensible Way to Fix It by Martin Neil Baily and Benjamin H. Harris  provides a comprehensive plan from two leading experts on how to fix America’s outdated retirement system. They explore America’s outdated retirement system and explain how improving retirement requires changes by families, employers, and policymakers alike.

The Fight of Our Lives by Iuliia Mendel

The Fight of Our Lives | My Time with Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s Battle for Democracy and What it Means for the World by Iuliia Mendel is the author’s first-hand account of her role as Press Secretary for Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Throughout this story of Zelenskyy, Ukraine, and its extraordinary people, Iuliia Mendel reminds us of the paramount importance of truth and human values, especially in these darkest of times.