Liu Xia

liu xia

Liu Xia is a Chinese poet and artist. English translations of Liu Xia’s poetry by Ming Di and Jennifer Stern have been published widely, and Liu Xia’s photographs have appeared in galleries throughout the world. She has been living under strict house arrest since her husband, poet and activist Liu Xiaobo, was imprisoned in 2009 for “inciting subversion of state power” and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.


Empty Chairs by Liu Xia

Empty Chairs by Liu Xia

Empty Chairs by Liu Xia tells the author's life story through her powerful poetry. The book presents the poetry of Liu Xia for the first time freely in both English translation and in the Chinese original, and creates a portrait of a life lived under duress, a voice in danger of being silenced, and a spirit that is shaken but so far indomitable.