Die Dongdong-Tänzerin und der Sichuan-Koch by Liao Yiwu (published in German)

The Dongdong Dancer and the Sichuan Cook
Liao Yiwu

Die Dongdong-Tänzerin und der Sichuan-Koch: Geschichten aus der chinesischen Wirklichkeit by Liao Yiwu is an exciting and direct insight into the real China of today.

The Dongdong Dancer and the Sichuan Cook: Stories from Chinese Reality

Peace Prize winner Liao Yiwu has made it his life’s work to give the small, oppressed people in China a voice. As the “mouthpiece of society,” he travels the country and gets people to talk. While Liao Yiwu focused his attention on the clash of political reality with millennia-old traditions in his highly acclaimed book, Miss Hello and the Peasant Emperor, he now reports impressively on the Chinese present. A greengrocer, a restaurant owner or a lawyer have their say, as do idlers, debt collectors, gamblers, drunkards and murderers. 

A steadfast chronicler and observer who bears witness to the outcasts of modern China – From the reasoning of the jury for the award of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

Liao Yiwu (Chinese: 廖亦武) is a Chinese author, reporter, musician, and poet from Sichuan, China. He is the author of The Corpse Walker, God Is Red, and For a Song and a Hundred Songs, a memoir of the four years he spent in prison after the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Liao escaped from China in July 2011 and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious 2012 Peace Prize awarded by the German Book Trade and the Disturbing the Peace Award given by the Václav Havel Library Foundation.

His books, several of which are collections of interviews with ordinary people from the lower rungs of Chinese society, were published in Taiwan and Hong Kong but are banned in mainland China. His books have been translated into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Czech.

  • ISBN:  9783100448163
  • August 22, 2013

Published by:  S. Fischer Verlage