The Story of Scandinavia by Stein Ringen

In The Story of Scandinavia | From the Vikings to Social Democracy, political scholar Stein Ringen’s masterful storytelling reveals the turbulent history of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, exposing a past marked by collapse and restarts, power struggles, and the recent branding of ‘Scandinavia.’ Scandinavian history has been one of dramatic discontinuities of collapse and restarts, from the Viking Age to the Age of Perpetual War to the modern age today.

How Democracies Live by Stein Ringen

How Democracies Live | Power, Statecraft, and Freedom in Modern Societies by Stein Ringen illustrates the successes of democracy and how governments can strengthen their commitment to democratic values. Drawing on the ideas of Machiavelli, Aristotle, Tocqueville, Max Weber, and others, Ringen shows how power is the fuel of government, and statecraft turns power into effective rule.