The Making of a Justice by John Paul Stevens

The Making of a Justice | Reflections on My First 94 Years by John Paul Stevens explores the author’s impactful life as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In his memoir, the Justice recounts his extraordinary life, offering an intimate and illuminating account of his service on the nation’s highest court.

Six Amendments by John Paul Stevens

Six Amendments | How and Why We Should Change the Constitution by John Paul Stevens outlines this retired Supreme Court Justice’s visions for amending the Constitution. This book is an absolutely unprecedented call to arms, detailing six specific ways in which the Constitution should be amended in order to protect our democracy and the safety and wellbeing of American citizens.

Five Chiefs by John Paul Stevens

When he resigned in June 2010, Justice Stevens was the third longest-serving Justice in American history (1975-2010) — only Justice William O. Douglas, whom Stevens succeeded, and Stephen Field have served on the Court for a longer time. In Five Chiefs, Justice Stevens captures the inner workings of the Supreme Court via his personal experiences with the five Chief Justices — Fred Vinson, Earl Warren, Warren Burger, William Rehnquist, and John Roberts — that he interacted with.